Neven Korda: WHOx3. I am, The Other.

Video ambient and performance
Wednesday, June 27, 9 p. m.
SCCA Project Room, Metelkova 6, Ljubljana

Video Turn analyses main formal and conceptual characteristics of video language through various working methods (analysis, curating, critical writing, interviews, collecting audiovisual works and documents, workshops, lectures, panel discussions, presentations).

For the Video Turn project Neven Korda will prepare a video ambient and performance questioning his artistic position within the video art.

From the promo text: “WHOxx, originates from a seemingly simple question What is video?, which the artist had posed to himself more than a decade ago.

With its multiplicity of transformations, video ambience WHOxx provokes, simulates and parodies contemporary identity, which seems to have an unlimited number of choices, while in fact it anticipates precisely determined modes of conduct, which is why breakdowns and errors in this uniform system appear not only as aesthetic but also political statements.

WHOxx treats space as a social political arena, which transposes to video not only to show the feedback and the endless loop of public activity, but also to give space to the specific aesthetics of the medium of video, which – like the identity of contemporary individuals – is integrated into the generative processes of constant repetition and reinterpretation of existing statements.”

Production: SCCA-Ljubljana
Production of performance WHOxx / Confession of a Videast, 2011: Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana

SCCA-Ljubljana program is supported by Municipality of Ljubljana and by Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport RS. The project Video Turn is supported by Erste Stiftung.

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