Interview with Neven Korda: Pleasure in Discipline

Interviewed by: Nika Grabar

The video Discipline was created as a part of Borghesia’s music video series. The series is entitled The Triumph of Desire, which clearly refers to Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will. Why did you choose such a title and how did you refer to the film?

Indeed, The Triumph of Desire is my title and it does refer to Riefenstahl, but on the other hand, it refers especially to the situation in which these videos were made. I made some parts of it after I was no longer part of Borghesia. Approximately six months after the break-up of the band, I chewed on The Triumph of Desire music video collection. I wanted to create a whole, and suddenly everything went down the drain. Despite this, I wanted
to realise the project. The videos were made, which for me meant that a desire had triumphed. Hence, the title – The Triumph of Desire. The video series was then released in an edition of approximately 300 copies. The premiere took place at Kinodvor, then Kino Sloga, which still screened pornographic films. But it was the only cinema with a cinema video projector.

ENGLISH: Interview with Neven Korda Pleasure in Discipline (pdf)

SLOVENE: Intervju z Nevenom Kordo Užitek v disciplini (pdf)

The interview was first published in April 2012 in the book entitled From Consideration to Commitment: Art in Critical Confrontation to Society (Belgrade, Ljubljana, Skopje, Zagreb: 1990-2010) co-edited by SCCA-Ljubljana.


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