A Video Turn Workshop on Writing

Experimental “situation” at Vžigalica Gallery

A workshop for analysing and writing texts on experimental video installations in the context of School for Curators and Art Critics of the World of Art took place in parallel with the exhibition under the guidance of Petja Grafenauer. Participants of the workshop were divided into two groups, the first focused on observing an researching Neven Korda’s installation and performances, and the second monitoring the process of Miha Vipotnik. As a result, a text by Amalia Stojsavljević (student of 14th year of the World of Art) was published in the 96th issue (Winter 2012) of The Art Words Magazine. Introduction was written by Barbara Borčić (Video Turn project leader and World of Art adviser).

From the text: “By observing changes and adaptations of the concepts and terms in correlation with the context it can be concluded that experimental art and experimentation in the arts represent the key drivers of the artistic fields. Besides of the product of the experimental as an empirical, the perpetual presence of theory and criticism is likewise very necessary, in order to use methods of analysis and evaluation of artistic production in accordance with the art practice.” Amalia Stojsavljević: Video obrat in delavnica iz pisanja (pdf)

Another participant of the workshop Maja Antončić has written a thorough analisis of the meaning and impact of Video Turn project through a critical evaluation of the intention of the artists and the results this intentions had produced. Please find an entire article in PDF format: Maja_Antoncic: Video And Turn (pdf)

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