Final Evaluation of the Process

Artists’ Neven Korda and Miha Vipotnik have offered to additionally edit the video documentation in order to make it more than just a document and more in accordance with the intentions of their conceptual and artistic work. Andreja Muha who was one of the most active student participants of the process has presented the student’s experience, again stressing the invaluable hands on experience and mentorship by Vipotnik. She has also explained their uncertainty when working in the process with numerous unknowns, open opportunities and free choices in constructing the scenography. Petja Grafenauer joined us via Skype to reflect upon the process of critical writing about the exhibition. She was content with the end text and also publishing of one of them in a magazine, however she has stressed that there were too few texts by other participants, which might also be a consequence of a time consuming and demanding process.