Neven Korda: KDOxx / Confessions of a Videast

Video ambient and performance
Thursday, 17th November 2011, at 8 pm, Aksioma, Project Space, Ljubljana

Performance Confessions of a Videast, with which Neven Korda is going to open his video ambience WHOxx, originates from a seemingly simple question What is video?, which the artist had posed to himself more than a decade ago. His answer is: Video is light, which – through the medium – is converted back into light. In this case, however, the medium is not just the camera or the carrier of video image with material that has been shot in advance; rather, the medium is the visitor’s body, and the archive of this medium is memory, for the image does not exist until it is stored. Korda is interested not only in the use of his own video material, but also in video as ritual and event. Continue reading

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