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DIVA Station is a physical and web archive of video and new-media art. It is based on collecting video material within a wider national context, and includes artists who work in Slovenia and/or abroad. It includes three basic categories: art video, events and sources.



After the successful opening, the exhibition and the second evening, we were still able to continue with the screening of the film / video opus by Miha Vipotnik on March 3. The March program consisted of four videos / films from 1988 to 2015 that all tackle the themes of personal and social control, the atmosphere of political instability and military interventions. The program was introduced by Nika Grabar, a good expert on Vipotnik's oeuvre.

Remains - Confessions to the GhostsRemains - Confessions to the GhostsRemains - Confessions to the Ghosts
Matevž Jerman - Remains - Confessions to the Ghosts (40:08)
Production: Gustav film, 2019
Niko Novak’s songs inhabit and carve out the physical and interpersonal landscapes and distances discarded by another film – with sound, melody, expressiveness and voice weaved into dark, balladic rock. Something highly amorphous, intangible,...
Sub Persona (trailer)
P L A T E AU R E S I D U E - Sub Persona (trailer) (03:29)
Production: P L A T E AU R E S I D U E, 2019
Sub Persona is a research project that focuses on the importance of forests its ecosystemic, economic, recreational and cultural functions, which are too often taken for granted by humans. From human habitation to the present, resource exploitation and de...
Sara Bezovšek - Cyberstalking (05:27)
Subtitle: 2. del trilogije wwwiolenc=3
Production: Aksioma - Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, 2019
Alone Together – EveningAlone Together – EveningAlone Together – Evening
Nataša Prosenc Stearns - Alone Together – Evening (00:11:06)
Production: Arsmedia, 1999
When solitude becomes too painful, we start imagining things.The film project Alone Together consists of two short films, Morning and Evening, whose stories unwind between reality and imagination. They both talk about solitude and isolation in contemporar...
YEARS 2 decades present
Sluga, Ana - Away
Sluga, Ana - Away (0:01:13)
Barbara Borčić - Video Art from Conceptualism to Postmodernism
Barbara Borčić - Video Art from Concep...
MIT Press, Massachussetts, US..., 2003
Furlan, Tomaž - Wear I
Furlan, Tomaž - Wear I (00:03:23)
Tomaž Furlan, 2005
Memon, Emil - 1983/Blue Movie
Memon, Emil - 1983/Blue Movie (00:51:00)
Emil Memon, Pawel Wojtasi..., 1983
Prosenc, Nataša - One Way
Prosenc, Nataša - One Way (00:05:31)
TV Slovenija, 1995
Kugler, Ema - Homo Erectus
Kugler, Ema - Homo Erectus (00:43:28)
ZANK, 2000
Osole, Marijan - Max - Morte ai sciavi
Osole, Marijan - Max - Morte ai sciavi (0:16:28)
ŠKD Forum, Škuc, 1983
Kugler, Ema  - Phantom
Kugler, Ema - Phantom (00:87:45)
Zavod ZANK / VPK, Cankarj..., 2003
Vipotnik, Miha - France Prešeren: Gazele
Vipotnik, Miha - France Prešeren: Gazel... (00:24:40)
RTV Slovenija, 2000
Kugler, Ema  - Tajga / Taiga
Kugler, Ema - Tajga / Taiga (00:08:22)
Forum Ljubljana & VPK, 1996
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