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DIVA Station is a physical and web archive of video and new-media art. It focuses on collecting video material in three categories: art video, video documentation of art events, and video documentation of theoretical discussions and other sources which refer to contemporary art and provide a context for the examination of (in our case) video works.


This year DIVA Station / SCCA-Ljubljana joined two major Ljubljana cultural events: Animateka Internacional Animated Film Festival with media installation by Ester Ivakič at the SCCA Project Room; and Night of Short Films (traditionally organised for the longest night of the year by and at the Slovenian Cinematheque) with a video program entitled Recording Reality - Subjectivization of Objective, curated by Toni Poljanec.  

Pez Pushing Na klancuPez Pushing Na klancuPez Pushing Na klancu
Neža Jurman - Pez Pushing Na klancu (00:03:47)
Production: Forum Ljubljana, 2018
Projekt 'Pez Pushing Na klancu' je vizualno zvočna predstavitev raziskovanja Cankarjevega klanca s skejt kitaro. Video je bil posnet v okolici Cankarjeve spominske hiše in Klanca na Vrhniki po predlogi kratkega romana Na klancu. Projekt se Cankarjeve...
I see 1I see 1I see 1
Small but dangers - I see 1 (00:00:25)
Production: SBD, 2015
Video performance is filmed with a mobile phone. Performer (Mateja Rojc) is looking straight into the phone camera. She starts slowly turning her head towards her right. Her gaze does not move along with her head, but remains focused on the camera and thu...
Rebellious Essence (trailer)Rebellious Essence (trailer)Rebellious Essence (trailer)
Ana Čigon - Rebellious Essence (trailer) (00:04:59 (trailer, 00:00:22))
Production: A.Č., 2017
A cat walks into the Office of the Ministry for Cat Affairs and requests for a passport. All goes pretty well until the female and male cat clerks demand to know the cat's sex. (Source: Ana Čigon) NOTE: On the artist's request, the on-line DIVA...
Faces and Structures
Christopher Krause - Faces and Structures
Production: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2018
The essay was the basis for the performative lecture by Christopher Krause accompanied by the screening of selected video works (April 25, 2018, SCCA Project Room, Ljubljana). C. K. was then completing his postgraduate studies in theatrology at the Instit...
YEARS 1 decade present
ARTISTS 3 artists featured
Kugler, Ema  - Phantom
Kugler, Ema - Phantom (00:87:45)
Zavod ZANK / VPK, Cankarj..., 2003
Osole, Marijan - Max - Morte ai sciavi
Osole, Marijan - Max - Morte ai sciavi (0:16:28)
ŠKD Forum, Škuc, 1983
Kugler, Ema  - Tajga / Taiga
Kugler, Ema - Tajga / Taiga (00:08:22)
Forum Ljubljana & VPK, 1996
Kugler, Ema - Homo Erectus
Kugler, Ema - Homo Erectus (00:43:28)
ZANK, 2000
Barbara Borčić - Video Art from Conceptualism to Postmodernism
Barbara Borčić - Video Art from Concep...
MIT Press, Massachussetts, US..., 2003
Vipotnik, Miha - France Prešeren: Gazele
Vipotnik, Miha - France Prešeren: Gazel... (00:24:44)
RTV Slovenija, 2000
Furlan, Tomaž - Wear I
Furlan, Tomaž - Wear I (00:03:23)
Tomaž Furlan, 2005
Prosenc, Nataša - One Way
Prosenc, Nataša - One Way (00:05:31)
TV Slovenija, 1995
Memon, Emil - 1983/Blue Movie
Memon, Emil - 1983/Blue Movie (00:51:00)
Emil Memon, Pawel Wojtasi..., 1983
Sluga, Ana - Away
Sluga, Ana - Away (0:01:13)
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