Ksenija Čerče
Čerče, Ksenija - Ksenija Čerče
Name: Čerče, Ksenija
No. of works: 1
Countries: Slovenia
Born: 1969

Ksenija Čerče graduated (1999) and got a master's degree (2002) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in painting and had/participated at numerous exhibitions in Slovenia and internationally. Between 1988 and 1996 she studied at FNT TT - Design of Clothing and Textiles. In 2003, she received Fulbright's Advanced Learning Fellowship in the US, where she earned a master's degree in video and sound art (at Liz Phillips class) at the Purchase College State University of New York. She is active both in sound and video arts as well as in the field of painting. Her complex and multilayered projects focus on the exploration of elementary themes - the phenomenology of perception, experiencing the structure of visual and sound motion, and, above all, the physical efficacy of sound and light phenomena in contemporary media. Her work with time-based media is focused on setting up audio video ambiences in non-gallery spaces. She lives in Ljubljana and Berlin.
(photo portrait: Damjan Švarc)
Author's Works
Ksenija Čerče - fall...Ksenija Čerče - fall...Ksenija Čerče - fall...
Ksenija Čerče - fall... (00:08:09)
Production: Ksenija Čerče, 2005-2008
The video was created on the basis of three short videos, partly recorded during the artist's audio- visual studies in New York City. By naming it 'audio video', she emphasizes the key role that sound plays in her works. In individual seque...
YEARS 6 decades present
Expanded Cirkulacija - Organism of Sound – Sound of Organism
Expanded Cirkulacija - Organism of Sound... (00:08:03)
Aksioma in Cirkulacija 2, 2013
Expanded Cirkulacija - Noise as Metaphor
Expanded Cirkulacija - Noise as Metaphor (00:15:29)
Cirkulacija 2 in Kontejne..., 2012
Expanded Cirkulacija - Concourse = Discourse
Expanded Cirkulacija - Concourse = Disco... (00:16:45)
Galerija Alkatraz in Cirk..., 2010
Cirkulacija 2 - Prototype 11 = Reality Show
Cirkulacija 2 - Prototype 11 = Reality S... (00:23:31)
Cirkulacija 2 in Mur.at NCC..., 2009
Lupinc, Andrej - V 8. minutah okoli sveta / In 8 Minutes around the World
Lupinc, Andrej - V 8. minutah okoli svet... (00:09:38)
TV Slovenija, filmski lab..., 1990-2000
Kugler, Ema - Homo Erectus
Kugler, Ema - Homo Erectus (00:43:28)
ZANK, 2000
Sieberer, Rok - Kuri - Psy
Sieberer, Rok - Kuri - Psy (00:07:23)
Media Teror, 2003
Sambolec, Duba  - Tour de Place
Sambolec, Duba - Tour de Place (00:12:06)
Duba Sambolec, 2001
Srdić Janežič, Zoran - Počečkane besede
Srdić Janežič, Zoran - Počečkane be... (00:05:15)
Zavod za sodobne umetnost..., 2005
Skušek, Nataša - Vrt
Skušek, Nataša - Vrt (00:00:20)
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