Poljak, Renata
Št. 45
"Staging Actors / Staging Beliefs"
Avtor/ica: Poljak, Renata
Naslov: Staging Actors / Staging Beliefs
Trajanje: 00:12:00
Leto: 2011
Zvrst: Eksperimentalni video

The video revolves around the persona of Ivan Kojundzic.As a child, Ivan Kojundzic became widely popular face of a big screen; he embodied the historic persona of Boshko Buha in a homonymous Yugoslav feature film. Made in 1979, the film elaborated life, combat actions, bravery and heroic death in an ambush of this youngest of Partisans, who was only fifteen when he joined the communist movement, and was posthumously awarded with the People?s Hero of Yugoslavia title. Through the film?s continuous screenings both in theaters and on the national television, the communist ideology and belief in Yugoslav socialist system were extensively spread. Boshko Buha was one of the most popular films of the Yugoslav era. Only 10 years after playing the main role in the film Ivan Kojundzic got actively involved in the Serbo - Croatian War which marked the end of Yugoslav Federation and its political agenda?the very ones Boshko Buha was fighting for. Ivan Kujundzic today is 48 years old.

Staging Actors / Staging Beliefs

Born in 1974, in Split, Croatia, Renata Poljak grew up and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Split and later spent a year in post-graduation (international post diplome) at the Ecole R?gionale des Beaux-Arts in Nantes, France. Her body of work is composed of different medias: videos, film, installations, drawings and photos. In 2002 she was visiting artist in San Francisco Art Institute and in 2008 she has been selected for Art In General residency program in New York.

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