Martinis, Dalibor
Št. 8
Naslov: JBT/58/LJ
Trajanje: 00:16:58
Leto: 2007
Zvrst: Video performans
Produkcija: ZAVOD P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E/ Galerija P74

The action took place in Ljubljana on 29. 10. 2007. The artist read a speech by Josip Broz Tito, originally held in 1951 from the balcony at Narodni trg in Zadar. Video of the reading was projected onto the fasade of the building at the Kongresni square and suggested that it is public and political event. The work is about the past times which are erased by collective amnesia (Source: Dalibor Martinis).


Data recovery is a process of partial recovery of lost data from memory and without the appropriate context that gave the data positive, informational, social or other meaning before it was lost. As with the loss of data from a computer disk that can sometimes be partially retrieved, this process is an attempt to recover fragments of actions or situations that have disappeared in our all-pervasive social memory loss. It is important not to contextualize the event, because any subsequent contextualization is an interpretation, historization, or manipulation of lost memory.

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