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Kocka / CubeKocka / CubeKocka / Cube
Damijan Kracina - Kocka / Cube (0:03:39)
Production: 1995
A group event staged in public spaces - at a bus stop and in the garden of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana - took place on 22 March, World Water Day. The event was intended to draw attention to this day not by moralising, but by emphasising the joy of living. The main element in the video is a sponge cube with holes, which hides the artist. The water theme is further emphasised by the prevailing blue colour of the picture. The members of the group water the sponge at both locations – the bus stop an...Add to playlist
Damijan Kracina - BasketVideo (00:19:41)
Production: 2001
A group activity – playing basketball in public. All the participants hold the rights to show the video: Borut Korošec, Jaka Mihelič, Damjan Švara, Grega Kregar, Damijan Kracina, Mojca Senegačnik, Katarina K. Toman, and Sara Hughes. Before dawn, the group gathered for a game of basketball on one hoop in the semi-rural suburbs of Ljubjana, where church bells ring in the evening. The work establishes a relationship between body movement, spending free time, and professional careers. A dynamic camera fol...Add to playlist
Nataša Prosenc Stearns - Dvojnik (0:03:25)
Production: TV Slovenija, 1995
The idea of time connects with the image inherent in video, the encrustation of the picture, which allows for the free exchange of images from different worlds and periods. The double silhouette of a person delineates two time segments: the passing of daily life, and nocturnal fireworks. Both worlds pass from one shape to another, until they finally freeze into what they actually represent: a human statue.Add to playlist
You Never CryYou Never CryYou Never Cry
Sašo Podgoršek - You Never Cry (00:03:55)
Production: 1995
Music video for the song You Never Cry by Slovenian band Demolition Group.Add to playlist
Mirko Simić - T.A.N.Z. (00:14:17)
Production: Bris, 1993
A document of the direct broadcast of the T.A.N.Z. Dance Machine night from the K4 Club with: DJ Aldo Ivančić, MC Brane, Strip Core, hairdressers of the Meta Salon, Intakt, Beilthron, Anna Lies, God Garden, Random Logic and Cell Block. (VD)Add to playlist
Mirko Simić - Dakaka (00:04:46)
Production: VPK, BRIS, 1997
A document on graffiti action in the Ljubljana district Koseze: positive vibrations, colours and creativity make the real rainbow come after the rain.Add to playlist
Yello žurYello žurYello žur
Rok Sieberer Kuri - Yello žur (00:02:38)
Production: V.S. - D.V., 1990
Na žuru oziroma pikniku v naravi se zberejo protagonisti ljubljanske hard core scene. Žur je predstavljen v povsem surovih posnetkih, dinamično in tresočo kamero, brez posebnih efektov. Gostje žura oddidejo na travnik, kjer se začne partija improviziranega bejzbola.Add to playlist
Preveč slepi, da bi videli / Too Blind To SeePreveč slepi, da bi videli / Too Blind To SeePreveč slepi, da bi videli / Too Blind To See
Rok Sieberer Kuri - Preveč slepi, da bi videli / Too Blind To See (00:06:42)
Production: Media Teror, 2000
Kompilacija zmanipulirane slike in zvoka, ki se med seboj ne ujemata in vsaka na svoj način tematizirata sodobno odvisnost od množičnih medijev (v največji meri televizije). V video delu smo priča zvočnim zapisom vročih linij, poročilom, punk glasbi in napovedovalcu poljudnoznanstvene dokumentarne serije, istočasno se ne-ujemajoče z zvokom odvijajo podobe pornografskih filmov, sadističnih prizorov, klavnice, vojn ter informativnih oddaj, vmesne prostore pa polni siva megla in močan šum. Avtor p...Add to playlist
Lights & PipesLights & PipesLights & Pipes
Duba Sambolec - Lights & Pipes (00:05:22)
Subtitle: NoHomeVideos©
Production: Duba Sambolec, 2000
The authors put on the camera and film lights and pipes with one of them filming and the other holding her. The situation is entertaining for both of them, as we hear them laughing. The first one dictates hot the other should hold her in order for her to move up and film the lights and pipes. Movement of the hand held camera is impulsive, fast and improvised. NoHomeVideos© video performances, altogether created 14 by the author, are dealing with the experience of being manipulated by the agents of powe...Add to playlist
Back to the USABack to the USABack to the USA
Marko Kovačič - Back to the USA (00:04:37)
Production: 1984
Video je nastal v okviru razstave Back to the USA skupine R IRWIN S (katere član je bil takrat Kovačič) v Galeriji ŠKUC. Poleg dokumentarnih posnetkov z razstave in spremljajočih dogodkov, so bili kot performans uprizorjeni prizori iz slik na razstavi. Ženska in moški uprizarjata statične poze iz stenskih poslikav. Poslikave prikazujejo jazzista s trobento in par, ki se ljubi v ležečem položaju. Statične poze in igranje na trobento spremlja jazz glasba, ki jo prekini občasni računalniški napi...Add to playlist
Piknik na deponiji / Picnic on a DumpPiknik na deponiji / Picnic on a DumpPiknik na deponiji / Picnic on a Dump
Sašo Sedlaček - Piknik na deponiji / Picnic on a Dump (0:09:06)
Production: 2004
Video documents a trip of a group of artists to a city wasteland. The intention of the artist's action is to establish creative practises in an extreme, unusual environment. Despite the stench of the wasteland, the artists start to explore the field and actually creatively dedicate to the project. Hand held camera captures details of the depot and documents artist actions.Add to playlist
Kolja Saksida - Eksperimentalec (00:09:31)
Production: ZVVIKS Production, 1999
Shot in 8 mm, the film takes inspiration from the genre of action film. In particular it ironically reconstructs the dynamics of a pursuit, the suspense, and the sudden cuts of the martial art film of the '70s. With the same purpose it uses a grained image and black corners around the scene. The film tells about a chance encounter between two expert jugglers and a pyromaniac that takes place around a semi-destroyed factory in Jesenice area. In this unusual environment the jugglers become hostages until a ch...Add to playlist
die Heißeste Nummerdie Heißeste Nummerdie Heißeste Nummer
Dejan Habicht - die Heißeste Nummer
Subtitle: 12 dolgočasnih pesmi
Production: Center in Galerija P74, 2004/06
die Heißeste Nummer / The Hottest Number is an e-book that one can print at home. It is composed of black and white photographs of a television screen showing the sports channel DSF that starts to broadcast phone sex commercials at 11 p.m.Add to playlist
Bobby goes to Zlaty MilosBobby goes to Zlaty MilosBobby goes to Zlaty Milos
Zoran Srdić Janežič - Bobby goes to Zlaty Milos (00:01:13)
Production: KID Production, 2009
Video animacija ima značilnosti nadrealističnega hororja. Glavni lik vstopi v čudno gostilno, kjer se liki ustvarjajo s kombinacijo živih in mrtvih elementov. Gostilna je prostor sanj, kjer je vsak detajl povezan z neko nadrealistično vsebino. Prostor pred gostilno je samo napoved čudnih dogajanj v gostilni. Tako pri prehodu iz zunanjega prostora v notranji gledalec z glavnim likom prestopi iz budnega stanja v sanje.Add to playlist
Anakonda (Matter)Anakonda (Matter)Anakonda (Matter)
Katarina Rešek - Anakonda (Matter) (00:04:40)
Production: 2016
Music video for song Anakonda by Matter is visually partly inspired by the film A Clockwork Orange by Stanly Kubrick. Members of the band are seen in the video, joined by KUKLA as guest artist (also the author of the video). Most of the scenes are shot in various illuminated interiors. Later members of the band find themselves in a tunnel and then in the exterior with a burning car in the background. The mysterious text is complemented by a carnival visual imagery with expressive makeup and clothing. Everyt...Add to playlist
Prince Ki-Ki-DoPrince Ki-Ki-DoPrince Ki-Ki-Do
Grega Mastnak - Prince Ki-Ki-Do (00:08:22 (odlomka, 00:02:01))
Subtitle: One hundred unhappy mushrooms,The swamp monster
Production: OZOR, zavod za gibljive slike, Ljubljana, 2013/14
In a dark forest on top of a stone tower lives a small chick known as Prince Ki-Ki-Do, who is a fearless fighter for the rights of the forest inhabitants and the tiny superhero of the animation series. Prince Ki-Ki-Do is accompanied with Tine and Bine, the two Asian tiger mosquitos, and Rosalia who is the playful wild piglet in flames of prepuberty. The first two four minute episodes of the animated cartoon series are One hundred unhappy mushrooms (2013) and The swamp monster (2014). In One hundred u...Add to playlist
Neverending knotNeverending knotNeverending knot
Miha Šubic - Neverending knot (00:31:18)
Production: Filmsko društvo Film Factory, 2010
Caesar is a young professional forger of personal documents and concert tickets. Because of his fake ticket at the concert, Andy is being held by the police. He starts to blackmail Cezar with pictures, because he is determined that Caesar must bear the consequences. Cezar hires Kojot and Slavc to solve the problem. (Source: Miha Šubic)Add to playlist
YEARS 4 decades present
Kracina, Damijan; Leben, Vladimir - Ape Boys
Kracina, Damijan; Leben, Vladimir - Ape Bo... (00:12:00; 00:0...)
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Kracina, Damijan - Žeblji / Nails
Kracina, Damijan - Žeblji / Nails (00:06:34)
Akademija za likovno umet..., 1995
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Sedlaček, Sašo - Žicar 1.0 / Beggar 1.0
Sedlaček, Sašo - Žicar 1.0 / Beggar 1.0 (0:04:33)
Galerija Kapelica / Kura, 2006
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Podgoršek, Sašo (Demolition Group) - Cry Baby
Podgoršek, Sašo (Demolition Group) - C... (00:03:26, 00:0...)
Nord Cross Production, 1993
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Podgoršek, Sašo (Demolition Group) - U tvojim očima
Podgoršek, Sašo (Demolition Group) - U... (00:04:40)
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Sedlaček, Sašo - DIVA Studio
Sedlaček, Sašo - DIVA Studio (0:49:10)
Aksioma - Institute for C..., 2008
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Simić, Mirko  - Miladojka Youneed
Simić, Mirko - Miladojka Youneed (00:04:32)
VS VIDEO / Škuc - Forum Lj..., 1989
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Kovačič, Marko - Casus belli ( video performance)
Kovačič, Marko - Casus belli ( video p... (00:04:54)
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Kracina, Damijan; Leben, Vladimir  - Galapagos
Kracina, Damijan; Leben, Vladimir - Gal... (00:05:39)
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Kracina, Damijan - Kurca / Little Hen
Kracina, Damijan - Kurca / Little Hen (00:02:55)
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Prosenc, Nataša - Betonski človek
Prosenc, Nataša - Betonski človek (0:15:29)
TV Slovenija, 1995
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Simić, Mirko (U redu) - Mala terasa
Simić, Mirko (U redu) - Mala terasa (00:03:11)
Bris, 1992
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Podgoršek, Sašo (Anja Rupel) - Odšla bom še to noč
Podgoršek, Sašo (Anja Rupel) - Odšla... (00:03:50)
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Srdić Janežič, Zoran - Počečkane besede
Srdić Janežič, Zoran - Počečkane be... (00:05:15)
Zavod za sodobne umetnost..., 2005
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Kracina, Damijan - Kracina TV
Kracina, Damijan - Kracina TV (00:05:48)
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Podgoršek, Sašo - Koza je preživela
Podgoršek, Sašo - Koza je preživela (00:09:03)
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Sedlaček, Sašo - Kinder Surprise
Sedlaček, Sašo - Kinder Surprise (0:00:53)
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Kovačič, Marko  - No More Heroes Any More
Kovačič, Marko - No More Heroes Any M... (0:18:15)
V.S. VIDEO/Forum Ljubljan..., 1992
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Prosenc, Nataša - One Way
Prosenc, Nataša - One Way (00:05:31)
TV Slovenija, 1995
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Simić, Mirko - Parfum de la terre / Vonj po zemlji
Simić, Mirko - Parfum de la terre / Von... (00:25:02)
VPK, KUD Etno karavana, 1997
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