Mastnak, Grega
No. 1117
Artist: Mastnak, Grega
Title: Euphoria
Subtitle: (one minute excerpt)
Duration: 00:03:00 (00:01:00)
Year: 2000
Genre: Animation
Production: Casablanca - Ljubljana; TV Slovenija

Animated travelogue. We follow two passengers on the train. One is an elderly, quite abundant sleeping man, and the other a younger man who is in an ecstatic mood.

The animation is characterized by a rough drawing, mostly two- or three-colored. The author emphasized the euphoric mood by changing perspectives and by exposing details.

Grega Mastnak - Prince Ki-Ki-DoGrega Mastnak - Prince Ki-Ki-DoGrega Mastnak - Prince Ki-Ki-Do
Grega Mastnak - Prince Ki-Ki-Do (00:08:22 (odlomka, 00:02:01))
Production: OZOR, zavod za gibljive slike, Ljubljana , 2013/14
In a dark forest on top of a stone tower lives a small chick known as Prince Ki-Ki-Do, who is a fearless fighter for the rights of the forest inhabitants and the tiny superhero of the animation series. Prince Ki-Ki-Do is accompanied with Tine and Bine,...
YEARS 2 decades present
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