Uršula Berlot, Sunčana Kuljiš
No. 1473
Artist: Uršula Berlot, Sunčana Kuljiš
Title: Bodyfraction
Duration: 07:40
Year: 2020
Genre: Experimental video / Art video


The video Bodyfraction parallels microscopic images of fragments of the artist’s body (tooth enamel, skin, nails, hair etc.) with recordings of drawings and light-sensitive objects created on their basis. Drawings were digitally processed towards simulating the chemical process called 'reaction diffusion' which models (mathematically or visually) the behaviour of two chemicals in a solution as they mix. Such animated drawings form fractal-like patterns and together with modified recordings of reflective light-works surfaces, they create an entry into imaginary hidden topography (macro, micro or nano dimensions) in motion.
The title refers to the motif (body) and the processing method (microscopic diffraction) through which the microscopic pictures were treated. Relief surfaces of pictures and drawings were derived from digitally modified microscopic views of bodily fragments that were essentially transfigured through the digital process of inverse fast Fourier transformation (IFFT); this represented the first in a series of digital procedures directed towards their denaturalisation.
In collaboration with prof. Sašo Šturm, Ph.D. and Matejka Podlogar, Ph.D., Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana – Department for Nanostructured Materials)
(Source: Uršula Berlot)

Uršula Berlot - SuspensionsUršula Berlot - SuspensionsUršula Berlot - Suspensions
Uršula Berlot - Suspensions (07:03)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2019
The video creates an entry into fictional reality, where objects are transformed into fleeting luminary apparitions – softened, multiplied, liquified forms levitating through warped or non-gravitational space.  (Source: Uršula Berlot)
Uršula Berlot - Suspension (Circle-Square)Uršula Berlot - Suspension (Circle-Square)Uršula Berlot - Suspension (Circle-Square)
Uršula Berlot - Suspension (Circle-Square) (06:42)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2019
Material objects (sculptures) are projected into virtual, fluid spatiality, appearing as dematerialised floating, kinetic light forms, freed of the constraints of time, mass, and gravity. (Source: Uršula Berlot)
Uršula Berlot - Orcinus OrcaUršula Berlot - Orcinus OrcaUršula Berlot - Orcinus Orca
Uršula Berlot - Orcinus Orca (06:08)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2019
The video for the track Orcinus Orca followed the release of the album Algida Bellezza (Alessandro Tedeschi aka Netherworld, Glacial Movements, 2019). The music captured the artist’s imaginations of coldness and isolation as well as visions of shin...
Uršula Berlot - Inverse SpaceUršula Berlot - Inverse SpaceUršula Berlot - Inverse Space
Uršula Berlot - Inverse Space (04:24)
Production: 2017
The video works on two levels of microscopic observation: the first line of recordings shows the transformation of a non-living (inorganic) substance from one physical state to another – namely, the process of crystallization, which involves the tra...
Uršula Berlot - Cast to the BottomUršula Berlot - Cast to the BottomUršula Berlot - Cast to the Bottom
Uršula Berlot - Cast to the Bottom (02:38)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2017
Video created for the track Cast to the Bottom from the album The Great Crater by Scanner (Glacial Movements, 2017). Composed of landscape 3d digital simulation and digitally processed video recordings, the video shows a virtual journey through an imagina...
Uršula Berlot - Liquid SolidityUršula Berlot - Liquid SolidityUršula Berlot - Liquid Solidity
Uršula Berlot - Liquid Solidity (05:06)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2017
The round-shaped form in the process of constant transformation is based on the idea of simulating life at the molecular level. The structure which periodically resembles a virus structure, complex proteins or carbon fullerenes, is being decomposed, trans...
Uršula Berlot - Observatory: Carbon NanotubesUršula Berlot - Observatory: Carbon NanotubesUršula Berlot - Observatory: Carbon Nanotubes
Uršula Berlot - Observatory: Carbon Nanotubes (00:40)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2016
The sound-kinetic diorama submerged within and enhanced by the audio environment observed through an opening in the surface of a crystal-shaped object imitates the structural makeup of carbon nanotubes visible through a microscope. A hub of tubes creates...
Uršula Berlot - Observatory: Magnetic FluidUršula Berlot - Observatory: Magnetic FluidUršula Berlot - Observatory: Magnetic Fluid
Uršula Berlot - Observatory: Magnetic Fluid (00:30)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2014-2016
A miniature silver landscape in motion that can be viewed through the observation perforation in the surface of a cristal-like object is based on the photographs of magnetic fluids that served as the basis for digital model development and the resulting 3D...
Uršula Berlot - Fluid TopographyUršula Berlot - Fluid TopographyUršula Berlot - Fluid Topography
Uršula Berlot - Fluid Topography (06:33)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2014
The recording of dynamic forms of magnetic fluids that are produced by invisible magnetic fields directs the experience of the material in relation to the immaterial. The ferrofluid structures, which are in reality only a few centimeters in height, being...
Uršula Berlot - LuminiscenceUršula Berlot - LuminiscenceUršula Berlot - Luminiscence
Uršula Berlot - Luminiscence (01:17)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2012
Light-kinetic installation; turntable, silver plating plexiglass dim. 70 x 90 cm, light reflections variable dimensions sound: Scanner – Robin Rimbaud.  
Uršula Berlot - BodyscopeUršula Berlot - BodyscopeUršula Berlot - Bodyscope
Uršula Berlot - Bodyscope (02:52)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2012
The repeated kaleidoscopic video was created on the basis of X-ray image of a spine and projected back over the original radiological image printed on aluminum support. Such projection creates layering, a kind of spatial superposition into a repetitive hy...
Uršula Berlot - Fibertract KaleidoscopeUršula Berlot - Fibertract KaleidoscopeUršula Berlot - Fibertract Kaleidoscope
Uršula Berlot - Fibertract Kaleidoscope (00:38)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2012
Kaleidoskopski video temelji na radioloških posnetkih avtoričinih možganov. Posnetek nevronskih povezav, ki jih prikazuje traktografija (difuzijska MRI) je računalniško prezrcaljen in projiciran na dve vzporedni plošči pleksi stek...
Uršula Berlot - Vanitas – Self-PortraitUršula Berlot - Vanitas – Self-PortraitUršula Berlot - Vanitas – Self-Portrait
Uršula Berlot - Vanitas – Self-Portrait (01:54)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2012
Video Vanitas – Self-portrait presents a hypnotic image of the continuous dissolution of the author’s face, skull, and brain. The repetitive liquefying interplay between the exterior and the technologically-visualized exterior posits the quest...
Uršula Berlot - IntrospectionUršula Berlot - IntrospectionUršula Berlot - Introspection
Uršula Berlot - Introspection (01:52)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2010
Video installation Introspection composed of three video installations/projections and sound. The installations Kaleidoscopic Gaze and Spiral Floating are based on digitally- processed radiological images of my brain activity while contemplating Duchamp&...
Uršula Berlot - PulsationUršula Berlot - PulsationUršula Berlot - Pulsation
Uršula Berlot - Pulsation (0:02:41)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2007
The video combines medical recordings of the brain and computer manipulation of those images. This animated image becomes symmetrical and dehumanized. We get a completely abstract arena, which reminds us of outer space. The author's cerebral area becomes...
Uršula Berlot - TransitorinessUršula Berlot - TransitorinessUršula Berlot - Transitoriness
Uršula Berlot - Transitoriness (02:13)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2006
Patterns made by etching plastic surface reflect light onto the gallery walls. The diverse architecture of an ex sacral space is completely deconstructed with the movement of the light reflections. The two-dimensional surface is creating a three-dimension...
Uršula Berlot - AttractionsUršula Berlot - AttractionsUršula Berlot - Attractions
Uršula Berlot - Attractions (0:56:43)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2005
Video has a simple concept, as it works like a primitive animation based on magnetism. The presence of some higher power is actualized indirectly, through a movement of small iron particles. Shapes that are formed by the movement of an invisible magnet ar...
Uršula Berlot - IncubatorUršula Berlot - IncubatorUršula Berlot - Incubator
Uršula Berlot - Incubator (06:35)
Production: Uršula Berlot, Tao G.V. Sambolec, 2002
The incubator is an interactive audio-visual installation that represents a self-sustained, circularly arranged dynamic system that translates tactile signals into audio and visual events. A viewer strolling through a completely darkened space is randomly...
YEARS 2 decades present
Nataša Prosenc Stearns - Untitled, 27 March 2020
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Aleksandra Saška Gruden - Come to me.... (04:02)
Aleksandra Saška Gruden,..., 2020
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