Stropnik, Mladen
No. 305
"Persone - art video seria"
Artist: Stropnik, Mladen
Title: Persone - art video seria
Subtitle: ... Makaroni in my Bird, Stark, Infuzija, Gij3, Pa ne me jebat, Indy, Party...
Duration: 00:13:48
Year: 2002
Genre: Experimental video / Art video / Fiction

Video is composed of seventeen short videos with simple messages, where the happening is integrated into the sci-fi field, the life of cyborgs and sex life of the future. Identities of the characters are unrecognizable. It is a mixture of fantasy and realism.

Nataša Skušek, Mladen Stropnik - Free TimeNataša Skušek, Mladen Stropnik - Free TimeNataša Skušek, Mladen Stropnik - Free Time
Nataša Skušek, Mladen Stropnik - Free Time (00:06:42)
Production: 2007
Video work discusses time management in a modern family life. The authors document their holiday with their children and through personal experience explore the overload and expectations imposed upon an individual about themselves by modern society.
Mladen Stropnik - MomridingMladen Stropnik - MomridingMladen Stropnik - Momriding
Mladen Stropnik - Momriding (0:04:23)
Production: 2002
The artist has filmed his mother who reads to him over the phone the rejection letter from the British embassy to which the artist has applied for scholarship: “I applied for the scholarship. The British embassy i.e. their Department of Culture has reje...
YEARS 2 decades present
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