Smrekar, Maja
No. 820
"Imaginarij elektromagnetnih transformacij"
Artist: Smrekar, Maja
Title: Imaginarij elektromagnetnih transformacij
Duration: 0:28:39
Year: 2009
Genre: Hybrid Art / Experimental video / Art video
Production: Smrekar, Maja

Experimental video and sound work with multi-layered structure is made with various technological means from the perspective of investigative and formal video and sound approaches that the artist finds in the crossroad of analogue and digital manipulations of images. She uses numerous means for manipulation and processing of picture such as layering, fast switching between the shots and distortion that together make complex abstract effects. The motives are changing with speed, and they are notably connected - in content and in form - to sound and spoken word with repetitive pulsation. The repetitive images of two faces are interchanging with motives of industrial landscape, communication infrastructures, and shapeless background.

Maja Smrekar - Repeating CoincidenceMaja Smrekar - Repeating CoincidenceMaja Smrekar - Repeating Coincidence
Maja Smrekar - Repeating Coincidence (00:03:42)
Production: Smrekar, Maja, 2009
The main character in the video is a dance performer situated in media environment with splashing saturated colours, like a woman enclosed by the media wall. The speed and braking of the image represents the dancer’s nervous movements in the space that...
Maja Smrekar - Brain TVMaja Smrekar - Brain TVMaja Smrekar - Brain TV
Maja Smrekar - Brain TV (00:31:36)
Production: Galerija Kapelica, Zavod K6/4, 2008
Brain TV je interaktivni tehnološko pogojeni projekt, ki je bil postavljen v Galeriji Kapelica. Predstavljen je na podlagi video dokumentacije. Brain TV deluje na frekvencah med 10.95 in 11.7 gigahercev. To pomeni, da zbira elektromagnetna valovanja iz v...
Maja Smrekar - System Casio:piaMaja Smrekar - System Casio:piaMaja Smrekar - System Casio:pia
Maja Smrekar - System Casio:pia (00:26:14)
Production: Kiberpipa & Maja Smrekar, 2007
Video je del širšega projekta, novomedijske skulpture, video instalacije, fizičnega objekta z večmedijskimi intervencijami z naslovom Casio Pia, ki temelji na podobju popularne kulture, televizijskega kiča in vsakdanjega sodobnega življenja. Video n...
Maja Smrekar - VJ Delta Nu 08Maja Smrekar - VJ Delta Nu 08Maja Smrekar - VJ Delta Nu 08
Maja Smrekar - VJ Delta Nu 08 (00:02:00)
Production: Smrekar, Maja,
YEARS 2 decades present
Anđelković + Savski - XL Eksperiment
Anđelković + Savski - XL Eksperiment
Radio Študent, galerija Ka..., 2009
Borut Savski - Overstrained Structures
Borut Savski - Overstrained Structures (00:01:19)
KUD Trivia in Galerija Ka..., 2009
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Savski, Borut - Multimedia. Mali (00:03:53)
Borut Savski, 2008
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Savski, Borut - Videographics 19 (00:04:23)
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Savski, Borut - Videographics 22 (00:03:44)
KUD Trivia / Trivia Art [As..., 2007
Borut Savski - The Sisters Karamazov
Borut Savski - The Sisters Karamazov (00:56:26)
KUD Trivia / Trivia Art, 2006, 2007
Savski, Borut - Videographics 18
Savski, Borut - Videographics 18 (00:07:16)
KUD Trivia / Trivia Art [As..., 2006
Savski, Borut - A Dancer
Savski, Borut - A Dancer (00:17:23)
Galerija Kapelica, 2005
Savski, Borut - Electric Jesus
Savski, Borut - Electric Jesus (00:02:14)
Galerija Kapelica, 2004
Borut Savski - Aestetic Machines
Borut Savski - Aestetic Machines (00:09:39)
Galerija Kapelica, 2003
Savski, Borut - Sound Biotope
Savski, Borut - Sound Biotope (00:14:07)
Galerija Kapelica, 1999
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