The archiving system of selection is based on geographic, thematic, media and other criteria. We decided to systematically collect and present materials by artists who work in the Slovenian cultural space or are somehow connected to it for two main reasons. Firstly, the geographical restriction enables direct contact and a manageable quantity of material, given the capacities of the institution. Secondly, the archiving of video works as an important part of cultural heritage from this part of the world is not exclusively included in other Slovenian or international archives or museums.

Works by individual artists are not selected according to any special criteria, as we seek to create a comprehensive body of works. Artists are invited to participate when they are recognised locally or internationally, and we continue to closely follow less established and emerging artists when we recognise continuity in the quality of their art practice. With every artist or collective, the number of works published on-line and available to the general public is given. However, there are also some works that can be viewed only in the Mediateque.

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