The DIVA News page refers to public presentations, exhibitions, screenings, publications in Slovenia and on the international scene, connected to participations of DIVA Station Video Archive and the video artists who had contributed their video artworks to the archive. We also introduce events organised by DIVA Station (SCCA-Ljubljana) in order to promote its content and usage.

Agnes MomirskiAgnes MomirskiAgnes Momirski

Multimedia artist Agnes Momirski focuses on the posthuman subject and human experience in the technological environment. She creates in the fields of performance, music, installation, photography and film. The artist, who lives between Ljubljana and Rotterdam, presented herself to the Ljubljana audience in 2020 with the multimedia performances siXren (verbum medicinae) organized by the Šviarija MGLC and the Polymorphic ritual organized by Cirkulacija 2.
Her works in the DIVA Station archive:

During the autumn months during the epidemic, we presented the DIVA Station in two online workshops: Barbara Borčić as part of the 18th Luxury Film Festival (From SCCA and DIVE to Stories Not Yet Written; November 18, 2020), when we also watched some films and videos. In the workshop On Archives in Dialogue (15 December 2020), Barbara Borčić spoke about the historical context of the DIVA Station (How Archives Record and Write Stories), and Ida Hiršenfelder presented the Network Museum of the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (Connecting Hidden Treasures of NGOs).

A conversation about the club scenes in Ljubljana and New York in the 80s and 90s, about self-organization and collective action (Zoom, 23. 10. 2020) juxtaposed two aspects, personal, artist and organizer Zemira Alajbegović, and research, curator Jake Yuzna. After a comprehensive presentation of the New York scene, we watched an excerpt from the video Old and New video, which shows the Ljubljana subcultural scene. Then a lively debate developed. You can still watch it on FB SCCA-Ljubljana.

Despite the epidemic, we made it! Live at the Slovenian Cinematheque and partly online (Slovenian Film Database). The screening of Miha Vipotnik's film / video opus entitled Faces of the Analogue / Quantization of Red ended in September with two events. In the Slovenian Cinematheque, we presented the latest program of his works with a conversation. In the City Gallery in Nova Gorica, Peter Cerovšek presented a retrospective, screened, and analyzed some selected works. An interesting conversation with the artist followed, in which we learned more about his artistic practice as well as about the title of the retrospective.


DIVA Station/SCCA-Ljubljana is participating in a new European project Not Yet Written Stories that will create, through research, workshops, and exhibitions, the archives of women artists available in a common online repository. The SCCA selection of women artists is aimed at different generations: Ana Nuša Dragan, Zemira Alajbegović and Ema Kugler − the key women artists who were/are active in the field of action/performance, film, and video art in Slovenia.

The second edition of the new program VideoGarden in the inner courtyard of the Škuc Gallery brought a curated selection of new acquisitions of the DIVA Station. Vesna Bukovec and Peter Cerovšek selected works by U. Berlot, S. Bezovšek, P. Cerovšek, N. Grum, M. Jerman, Lealudvik, E. Memon, N. Novak,  P L A T E AU R E S I D U E and Small but dangers. The audience was great in number and they participated actively in conversations with the artists.


The program "Welcome to the 8-minute Autumnal Picnic in the Past" curated by Barbara Borčić and Peter Cerovšek, opened a new program venue in Ljubljana – VideoGarden in the inner courtyard of the Škuc Gallery. The program was well-received as the conversation with present artists M. Prelog, K. Kokalj, N. Korda, and M. Kovačič followed.

During the pandemic, DIVA joined online cultural program initiatives and hosted online events. At the same time, of course, the DIVA online archive is always open for viewing and research. We are proud to have acquired many new video works during this time. We updated the set of works by E. Memon, Z. Lenardič, M. Vipotnik, U. Berlot, P. Cerovšek in N. Prosenc Stearns, who also sent us her latest video, a response to the current pandemic in Los Angeles. We are happy to include in the archive also the works of those who are new authors in the archive: A. Medved, S. Bezovšek, K. Kokalj, M.Jerman & Tandem P L A T E AU R E S I D U E. 



SCCA-Ljubljana joins the #stayathome online cultural programs, which these days seek to ease our persistence of staying home in the wake of the new coronavirus epidemic by opening their archives. DIVA Station shows programs online and individual video works on FB. Following the program Awaiting the Future by Anita Budimir and online projection of the continuation of the retrospective of Miha Vipotnik, Lara Plavčak prepared Stay at Home, DIVA!

After the successful opening, the exhibition and the second evening, we were still able to continue with the screening of the film / video opus by Miha Vipotnik on March 3. The March program consisted of four videos / films from 1988 to 2015 that all tackle the themes of personal and social control, the atmosphere of political instability and military interventions. The program was introduced by Nika Grabar, a good expert on Vipotnik's oeuvre.

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