Vipotnik, Miha
No. 218
"Video grafike"
Artist: Vipotnik, Miha
Title: Video grafike
Duration: 17:20
Year: 1976/77
Genre: Experimental video / Art video
Production: RTV Slovenija


The video is the first attempt at computer animation by means of the interaction of the camera and the monitor. The graphic sign is constantly moving, the effects are changing with the interventions of the hand in front of the monitor. (source: Videodokument) The work approaches painting in geistzeit and offers it experimental dimension unreachable to classical painting. Unpredictability of the experiment changes political stance of the artist, for he does not control the whole process of work, but only sets the conditions and relations between the technique and the subject. By doing this he wishes to get the proof of the autonomy of the art work.

Miha Vipotnik - ConcurrencesMiha Vipotnik - ConcurrencesMiha Vipotnik - Concurrences
Miha Vipotnik - Concurrences (52:00)
Production: Casablanca, RTV Slovenija, 2017
The story of the poet - the protagonist of the film, who, upon the release of his new collection of poems, receives a message about finding long-lost videos of the late writer, poet and essayist Jure Detela. Vipotnik's recordings, which was actually accid...
Miha Vipotnik - LaughterMiha Vipotnik - LaughterMiha Vipotnik - Laughter
Miha Vipotnik - Laughter (03:16)
Production: Miha Vipotnik, 2015
The video is divided into two vertical levels. The one above shows the scenes of military territories and interventions of the USA in Irak and Middle East. We see oil marks and empty cities in bird's perspective. A smiley face is added to all the shots as...
Miha Vipotnik - Time of Aliquot PartsMiha Vipotnik - Time of Aliquot PartsMiha Vipotnik - Time of Aliquot Parts
Miha Vipotnik - Time of Aliquot Parts (12:00)
Production: Slovenski etnografski muzej , 2013
Video/Film was commissioned for the 90th anniversary of Slovene Ethnographic Museum and it shows the wealth of museum’s collections from different geographical regions. It uses various audiovisual material: film and audio documents/footages are reus...
Miha Vipotnik - Lumino auroMiha Vipotnik - Lumino auroMiha Vipotnik - Lumino auro
Miha Vipotnik - Lumino auro (23:39)
Production: Uho;Oko Institute for Art and Technology & M. V., 2011
The video constantly changes its format, which makes it rather complex. Variations of the surface are subtle, often barely noticeable and therefore make the viewer feel uncomfortable. Lumino Auro is a video which causes spatial anxiety on different levels. Th...
Miha Vipotnik - Človek poslušanjaMiha Vipotnik - Človek poslušanjaMiha Vipotnik - Človek poslušanja
Miha Vipotnik - Človek poslušanja (19:18)
Production: RTV Slovenija, 2008
Eksperimentalna video-zvočna kompozicija je portret komponista Bora Turela, enega najvidnejših slovenskih skladateljev eksperimentalne in elektroakustične glasbe. Avtor se prek dela skladatelja ukvarja z zvokom v povezavi in primerjavi s sliko, g...
Miha Vipotnik - Man of HearkenMiha Vipotnik - Man of HearkenMiha Vipotnik - Man of Hearken
Miha Vipotnik - Man of Hearken (19:17)
Production: RTV Slovenija, 2008
Experimental video and video-audio composition is a portrait of a composer Bor Turel, one of the most noticed Slovene composers of experimental and electroacoustic music. The author deals with sound in connection and comparison with image through the work...
Miha Vipotnik - METROUTMiha Vipotnik - METROUTMiha Vipotnik - METROUT
Miha Vipotnik - METROUT ()
Production: 2007
A web page put up by Miha Vipotnik and his students as a school project contains amongst other art contents, four video projects by Miha Vipotnika. Conundrum of Time: Clepsydra (2002) Eriounios: Bringer of Luck (2005) Zirconia: Encrusted tweezers (2006)...
Miha Vipotnik - MetroljubMiha Vipotnik - MetroljubMiha Vipotnik - Metroljub
Miha Vipotnik - Metroljub ()
Production: Famul Stuart, 2006
Underground City and metroLjub is an interdiciplinary project created at the school of applied arts Famul Stuart in collaboration with Miha Vipotnik. The goal of the project is to encourage a permanent pulse and current of energy in the city's underg...
Miha Vipotnik - AtmosphereMiha Vipotnik - AtmosphereMiha Vipotnik - Atmosphere
Miha Vipotnik - Atmosphere (10:15)
Production: Miha Vipotnik, 2004
The experimental video is a part of a larger digital composition and interactive sound program shown as an interactive multimedia visual-audio installation by Miha Vipotnik (Glass Courtyard and Gallery in Eurocenter, Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2004). It consi...
Miha Vipotnik - The Power of DestinyMiha Vipotnik - The Power of DestinyMiha Vipotnik - The Power of Destiny
Miha Vipotnik - The Power of Destiny (50:47)
Production: KUP, RTV Slovenija, 2001
The work was made in 2001 and 2002 marking the centennial of Giuseppe Verdi's death. The power of destiny is an experimental and polemic story about the making of a film intertwined with music by the Italian giant of classical music Verdi and his contempo...
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