Kugler, Ema
No. 46
"Station 25"
Artist: Kugler, Ema
Title: Station 25
Duration: 00:30:08
Year: 1997
Genre: Art Film / Art video
Production: Forum Ljubljana & VPK


The artist continues with her main preoccupations: the relationship between a man and a woman, the irruption of the mythical into the rituals of everyday life. The video film uses the numerous potentials of electronic manipulation of the picture. The finest scenes are those of "morphing" (electronic transformation), where a figure from a painted canvas turns into an identical figure on the video screen, or the latter "freezes" into a figure on a fixed picture. The artist once again insists on the real natural environment, but deforms and thus identifies it with the artificiality of video image. (source: Videodokument)

Ema Kugler - Man with Shadow
Ema Kugler - Man with Shadow (01:40)
Production: ZANK & VPK, 2019
The genetic code forces man in reproduction. A newborn has no choice. Without her/his will, it is sorted to this world and as a completely helpless creature in the dressage of civilizational norms, which are determined by those in the position of power ... Bu...
Ema Kugler - For the End of TimeEma Kugler - For the End of TimeEma Kugler - For the End of Time
Ema Kugler - For the End of Time (02:05:28)
Production: Zank & VPK, 2009
The video film is an investigation on man and his smallness in front of nature and time, the story is told by a voice-over narrator, with no dialogues between the characters. The camera slowly moves horizontally in panoramic views showing bright wide dese...
Ema Kugler - Le Grand MacabreEma Kugler - Le Grand MacabreEma Kugler - Le Grand Macabre
Ema Kugler - Le Grand Macabre (01:40:44)
Production: ZANK / Ljudmila, 2005
Experimental video is made after sound recording of Le Grand Macabre opera, recorded live at the Parisian Theatre du Chatelet in fabruary 1998, performed by London Sinfonietta Voices Philharmonic Orchestra. Composer György Ligeti, avant-gardist of th...
Ema Kugler - PhantomEma Kugler - PhantomEma Kugler - Phantom
Ema Kugler - Phantom (87:45)
Production: Zavod ZANK / VPK, Cankarjev dom, RTV Slovenija, 2003
»The Phantom« is a film about death that does not ask, »Who am I?«, but »Have I ever really been there ... in my life? Have I ever really lived? Wasn’t everything just an illusion, an illusion of a false existence? Is i...
Ema Kugler - Homo ErectusEma Kugler - Homo ErectusEma Kugler - Homo Erectus
Ema Kugler - Homo Erectus (00:43:28)
Production: ZANK, VPK, Cankarjev dom , 2000
This video features no words, only music and images. Ema Kugler describes the moving images as: “They are like a dark, surrealist dance of everyman with his own death. I have seen all these images. They came from the darkness of my subconsciousness,...
Ema Kugler - MenhirEma Kugler - MenhirEma Kugler - Menhir
Ema Kugler - Menhir (00:35:16)
Production: Forum Ljubljana, VPK & TV Slovenija, 1999
Urbanity is finally erased with mythological rituals, which is defined by the title of the video film: menhir, a large upright standing stone from the Neolithic Period which was used in sacred rituals. A man and a woman are Adam and Eve who are formed bef...
Ema Kugler - TaigaEma Kugler - TaigaEma Kugler - Taiga
Ema Kugler - Taiga (00:08:22)
Production: Forum Ljubljana & VPK, 1996
Video Taiga is made after eponymous performance carried out at the international festival of contemporary arts City of women in October 1995 in Ljubljana. The viewer enters a dark atmosphere, dictated by dramatic vocal-electronic music, threatening anthro...
Ema Kugler - The VisitorEma Kugler - The VisitorEma Kugler - The Visitor
Ema Kugler - The Visitor (00:26:41)
Production: V.S. Video / Forum Ljubljana, VPK & Viba film, 1995
The artist insists on the duality of human nature: the same dreadfulness is part of both the mythical and the real world. The duality is explicitly presented by means of electronic effects that can petrify a human face, or wall-up a human body in a few se...
Ema Kugler - HydraEma Kugler - HydraEma Kugler - Hydra
Ema Kugler - Hydra (00:15:45)
Production: V.S. Video, Forum Ljubljana, VPK, 1993
Mythology in the video works by Ema Kugler is inscribed in rituals of everyday life; this time it is the theme of Hydra with many facets. The theme is represented by the separate scenes featuring human figures in leather costumes (created by the artist he...
Ema Kugler, Nada Vodušek, Jane Štravs - Nostalgični izrezEma Kugler, Nada Vodušek, Jane Štravs - Nostalgični izrezEma Kugler, Nada Vodušek, Jane Štravs - Nostalgični izrez
Ema Kugler, Nada Vodušek, Jane Štravs - Nostalgični izrez (00:07:56)
Production: Marijan Osole - Max, CD, 1985
A collage of fashion creations from a fashion show set in Cankarjev dom starts off as if browsing through a trendy Fashion magazine. Models wearing leather clothes are accompanied by Italian, Yugoslav and American pop music from the 60'. We can also...
YEARS 2 decades present
Ema Kugler Jane Štravs Nada Vodušek
Kracina, Damijan - Žeblji / Nails
Kracina, Damijan - Žeblji / Nails (00:06:34)
Akademija za likovno umet..., 1995
Hribernik, Jasna  - Carte Postale
Hribernik, Jasna - Carte Postale (06:32)
TV Slovenija, 1997
Hribernik, Jasna  - Hiša nasprotij / House of Contrasts
Hribernik, Jasna - Hiša nasprotij / Ho... (00:20:17)
TV Slovenija, 1998
Lupinc, Andrej - V 8. minutah okoli sveta / In 8 Minutes around the World
Lupinc, Andrej - V 8. minutah okoli svet... (00:09:38)
TV Slovenija, filmski lab..., 1990-2000
Hribernik, Jasna  - Ballabende
Hribernik, Jasna - Ballabende (00:21:46)
TV Slovenija, 1995
Prosenc, Nataša - Disk / Disc
Prosenc, Nataša - Disk / Disc (00:02:57)
TV Slovenija, 1995
Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda (ZANK) - The Sand Collectors
Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda (ZANK) - Th... (00:12:34)
V.S. Video / Forum Ljublj..., 1995
Kovačič, Marko - Naprej v preteklost / Forth Into the Past
Kovačič, Marko - Naprej v preteklost /... (0:09:30)
Forum Ljubljana, VPK, 1995
Kovačič, Marko (2227) - I've Seen That... Like It Is
Kovačič, Marko (2227) - I've Seen That...... (06:20)
V.S. Video & Strip Core /..., 1993
Kovačič, Marko  - No More Heroes Any More
Kovačič, Marko - No More Heroes Any M... (0:18:15)
V.S. VIDEO/Forum Ljubljan..., 1992
Štravs, Jane - Jane Štravs
Štravs, Jane - Jane Štravs (00:05:30)
ATV, 1987
Hribernik, Jasna  - Lok Telesa / The Body Bow
Hribernik, Jasna - Lok Telesa / The Bod... (00:18:21)
Sfinga, TV Slovenija, 1996
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