Berlot, Uršula
No. 621
Artist: Berlot, Uršula
Title: Attractions
Duration: 0:56:43
Year: 2005
Genre: Experimental video / Art video
Production: Uršula Berlot


Video has a simple concept, as it works like a primitive animation based on magnetism. The presence of some higher power is actualized indirectly, through a movement of small iron particles. Shapes that are formed by the movement of an invisible magnet are seen as a process of concretizing images. But concrete, suggestive shapes are never formed and therefore the viewer is left to his own imagination and brings these abstract forms to some personal space. (Source: DIVA)

Uršula Berlot - Topology of Imaginary SkyrmionsUršula Berlot - Topology of Imaginary SkyrmionsUršula Berlot - Topology of Imaginary Skyrmions
Uršula Berlot - Topology of Imaginary Skyrmions (06:55)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2023
The video combines abstract video recordings of light-kinetic sculptures in motion together 3D simulations of them. This interplay of digitally simulated and analogue visual effects creates a topology of hybrid virtuality, which, particularly in the form...
Uršula Berlot - AcentriaUršula Berlot - AcentriaUršula Berlot - Acentria
Uršula Berlot - Acentria (04:54)
Production: DiN Records, 2022
The video is dedicated to a friend, renowned Slovenian composer, academic and pianist JM, who passionately celebrated the miracle of music and life. RIP JM (1926–2022). (Source: author) Music video for Acentria by Scanner (Robin Rimbaud), prod...
Uršula Berlot - Another AircraftUršula Berlot - Another AircraftUršula Berlot - Another Aircraft
Uršula Berlot - Another Aircraft (05:28)
Production: DiN Records, 2022
The video takes the viewer on an imaginary fantasy journey. Fragments of figures dissolve and mesh with abstract patterns in motion, simulating the body’s inner dynamics, from the corporeal – like the structure of blood vessels – to subt...
Uršula Berlot - HyperopticsUršula Berlot - HyperopticsUršula Berlot - Hyperoptics
Uršula Berlot - Hyperoptics (04:22)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2021
The video Hyperoptics examines the technologically extended forms of visual perception that are enabled through the application of advanced optical research tools used in microscopy. (Source: the author)
Uršula Berlot - BodyfractionUršula Berlot - BodyfractionUršula Berlot - Bodyfraction
Uršula Berlot - Bodyfraction (07:40)
Production: 2020
The video Bodyfraction parallels microscopic images of fragments of the artist’s body (tooth enamel, skin, nails, hair etc.) with recordings of drawings and light-sensitive objects created on their basis. Drawings were digitally processed towards si...
Uršula Berlot - An AscentUršula Berlot - An AscentUršula Berlot - An Ascent
Uršula Berlot - An Ascent (07:08)
Production: DiN Records, 2020
By mixing colourful abstract light patterns and fragments of figurative reality the video aims to visualize a kind of inner psychological landscape, where words, thoughts, memories, emotions and desires combine and coexist in a highly fluid, intuitive way. (S...
Uršula Berlot - SuspensionsUršula Berlot - SuspensionsUršula Berlot - Suspensions
Uršula Berlot - Suspensions (07:03)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2019
The video creates an entry into fictional reality, where objects are transformed into fleeting luminary apparitions – softened, multiplied, liquified forms levitating through warped or non-gravitational space.  (Source: Uršula Berlot)
Uršula Berlot - Suspension (Circle-Square)Uršula Berlot - Suspension (Circle-Square)Uršula Berlot - Suspension (Circle-Square)
Uršula Berlot - Suspension (Circle-Square) (06:42)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2019
Material objects (sculptures) are projected into virtual, fluid spatiality, appearing as dematerialised floating, kinetic light forms, freed of the constraints of time, mass, and gravity. (Source: Uršula Berlot)
Uršula Berlot - Orcinus OrcaUršula Berlot - Orcinus OrcaUršula Berlot - Orcinus Orca
Uršula Berlot - Orcinus Orca (06:08)
Production: Uršula Berlot, 2019
The video for the track Orcinus Orca followed the release of the album Algida Bellezza (Alessandro Tedeschi aka Netherworld, Glacial Movements, 2019). The music captured the artist’s imaginations of coldness and isolation as well as visions of shin...
Uršula Berlot - Inverse SpaceUršula Berlot - Inverse SpaceUršula Berlot - Inverse Space
Uršula Berlot - Inverse Space (04:24)
Production: 2017
The video works on two levels of microscopic observation: the first line of recordings shows the transformation of a non-living (inorganic) substance from one physical state to another – namely, the process of crystallization, which involves the tra...
YEARS 2 decades present
Prosenc, Nataša  - Connected
Prosenc, Nataša - Connected (0:08:00)
Kanalya Pictures, 2005
Kovačič, Marko; Saksida, Kolja - Lab Party
Kovačič, Marko; Saksida, Kolja - Lab P... (00:04:37)
Forum Ljubljana / ZVVIKS..., 2003
Kovačič, Marko; Saksida, Kolja - Svetla prihodnost: Plastos Fedor pomaga / Bright Future: Plastos Fedor Assists
Kovačič, Marko; Saksida, Kolja - Svetl... (00:05:55)
Forum Ljubljana / Zwiks p..., 2003
Sieberer, Rok - Kuri - Psy
Sieberer, Rok - Kuri - Psy (00:07:23)
Media Teror, 2003
Prosenc, Nataša  - Construct
Prosenc, Nataša - Construct (00:12:00)
Kanalya Pictures, 2002
Kugler, Ema - Homo Erectus
Kugler, Ema - Homo Erectus (00:43:28)
ZANK, VPK, Cankarjev dom, 2000
Gumilar, Marjan - Pogled
Gumilar, Marjan - Pogled (00:06:38)
Marjan Gumilar, 2002
Lenardič, Zmago - Fireworks
Lenardič, Zmago - Fireworks (00:10:10)
Zmago Lenardič, 2006
Lupinc, Andrej - V 8. minutah okoli sveta / In 8 Minutes around the World
Lupinc, Andrej - V 8. minutah okoli svet... (00:09:38)
TV Slovenija, filmski lab..., 1990-2000
Alajbegović, Zemira (DJ Plasma) - Vortex
Alajbegović, Zemira (DJ Plasma) - Vorte... (00:04:04)
TV Slovenija, 2000
Zmago Lenardič - Network
Zmago Lenardič - Network (00:12:47)
Zmago Lenardič, 2006
Grabar, Nika - DIVA at Škuc Gallery
Grabar, Nika - DIVA at Škuc Gallery (00:15:57)
SCCA-Ljubljana, 2009
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