Grobler, Ana
No. 787
"Super Ultra"
Artist: Grobler, Ana
Title: Super Ultra
Duration: 00:03:42
Year: 2008
Genre: Animation / Art video

Video work focuses on a problem of showing of menstrual blood in lady pads ads. With a simple animation and questions which she poses on herself and the viewer in the video, the author tries to break the taboo of menstruation. Video is a part of an interactive online magazine Beauty and Health with a Smile (concept: Ana Grobler, Sladjana Mitrović; programming: Marko Gorenc; design: Ana Grobler, Damjan Fister).

Ana Grobler - BeautifulAna Grobler - BeautifulAna Grobler - Beautiful
Ana Grobler - Beautiful (00:01:56)
Production: 2008
Video warns about the fact, that in order to reach the standards of beauty, imposed on us by mass media, animals get hurt due to testing of big cosmetic companies. Video is based on a black and white photography, except at the very end, when a warning is...
Ana Grobler - MigraineAna Grobler - MigraineAna Grobler - Migraine
Ana Grobler - Migraine (00:05:23)
Production: 2007
Video work is a migraine self portrait of the artist. The whole process of making the video was made in a period of a migraine seizure. Camera is static and tries to present the state of a patient suffering from a migraine seizure. The work focuses on a q...
Ana Grobler - SočiAna Grobler - SočiAna Grobler - Soči
Ana Grobler - Soči (00:02:38)
Production: 2006
Video work devoted to the Soča River is composed of close up photographs of the author's face and recordings of the river. The intertwinement of both creates an impression of unusual worlds. As images of the face interlace into an image of the river,...
YEARS 2 decades present
Lupinc, Andrej - V 8. minutah okoli sveta / In 8 Minutes around the World
Lupinc, Andrej - V 8. minutah okoli svet... (00:09:38)
TV Slovenija, filmski lab..., 1990-2000
Gumilar, Marjan - Pogled
Gumilar, Marjan - Pogled (00:06:38)
Marjan Gumilar, 2002
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Alajbegović, Zemira (DJ Plasma) - Vortex
Alajbegović, Zemira (DJ Plasma) - Vorte... (00:04:04)
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Prosenc, Nataša  - Swimming the Dark
Prosenc, Nataša - Swimming the Dark (00:03:52)
Kanalya Pictures, 2005
Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda (ZANK) - Slices of Time
Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda (ZANK) - Sl... (00:59:54)
ZANK, VPK, TV Slovenija (..., 2001
Prosenc, Nataš¡a  - Crossing
Prosenc, Nataš¡a - Crossing (0:04:59)
Kanalya Pictures, 2005
Prosenc, Nataša  - The Beach
Prosenc, Nataša - The Beach (00:05:51)
Kanalya Pictures, 2004
Kugler, Ema - Homo Erectus
Kugler, Ema - Homo Erectus (00:43:28)
ZANK, VPK, Cankarjev dom, 2000
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