The DIVA News page refers to public presentations, exhibitions, screenings, publications in Slovenia and on the international scene, connected to participations of DIVA Station Video Archive and the video artists who had contributed their video artworks to the archive. We also introduce events organised by DIVA Station (SCCA-Ljubljana) in order to promote its content and usage.

On World Book Day, April 23, you can also read differently - in moving images. At the SCCA and with the help of video archive, we were already preparing exhibitions that linked the book and the video/fine arts. On DIVA Station video archive you can find video works that discuss reading, books, and literature. Our choice: Ksenija Čerče, fall... (2005-2008), Amir Muratović, From the Life of Books (2010/2011), Dejan Habicht, 12 Boring Poems (2013).

This is the DIVA’s hundred news! DIVA Station is proud of its nomination for the Europa Nostra Awards 2018, a European cultural heritage award. We were nominated by the Slovenian Cinematheque, which sees a lot of potential in our work and program, since we connect the cultural heritage with contemporary art. Unfortunately, this time DIVA Station is not among the winners, however, the winners will be announced in June at the European Cultural Heritage Summit in Berlin (18-24 June 2018).

At this year’s celebration of International Women's Day, we browsed through video works in our archive DIVA. We searched across the key words: activism, human rights, social gender, emancipation, feminism, resistance, desire ... and found many works. You can find the hits yourself, while we have selected for the FOCUS section below three of the outstanding women artists' performances: Maja Slavec, Woman Beauty Power Less (2008), Martina Bastarda, Mateja Ocepek, Nataša Skušek, Pissing (2002), Ana Čigon, Dear Ladies, thank you (2011).

In the Espace Apollonia gallery in Strasbourg we successfully opened the exhibition Projected Visions. From art in the urban context to fiction and dystopia (January 26 - February 25, 2018). The curator Barbara Borčić selected works that are related to urban and public space in everyday, utopian and dystopic dimensions. The exhibition also received the first media release on TV Alsace20, soon followed by a catalogue of the project – Ljubljana.

The Old and the New, an authors' documentary on the Ljubljana sub-cultural scene in the 1980s, was presented in ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin. Natalie Gravenor, a festival programmer, distributor and curator, selected it along with some music videos by Borghesia group for the series Sounding Images: Sounding Images #10: Borghesia – Industrial Music, Multimedia Art and Queer Activism in 1980s Yugoslavia.

DIVA Station each year marks the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage – 27th of October. Our goal is to emphasize the meaning of audio-visual archives as an important part of cultural heritage. This year we've been joined at the celebration in the Slovenian Cinematheque by Ursula Blickle Video Archive from Vienna. Two video programs were screened: Chance Meeting from Ursula Blickle Archiv by Claudia Slanar and The World Is Obliged to Live You from DIVA Station by Anita Budimir. The event concluded with the audio-visual project Interface Fractures IV. & V. by Luka Prinčič.  more


In cooperation with the Short Film Festival FeKK Ljubljana, we prepared the first edition of the laboratory (SCCA LAB), which will become the constant of the festival. This time, it was dedicated to the music video. In the SCCA Project Room we set up an exhibition / video ambience - a combination of the DIVA Station (older video clips) with the selection of the FEKK Festival (the newest clips) - with interesting interactions between the sound in the image, between the past and the contemporary. What followed was a lively panel about video as a genre linking music and image, a story and sound, comparing also music video production and procedures of video clips in the past and today.

New DIVA Station partnership with other archives always generates the exchange of publications and compilations of video works that we keep in our Médiathèque. New acquirements of Jef Cornelius documentaries on important European exhibitions and Video Edition Austria  ̶  Release 02 are the product of our collaboration with Argos (Brussels) and Medienwerkstadt (Vienna).

The SCCA’s widespread video archive networking practices, this year resulted in DIVA Station archive presentation and video screening in Kino Blickle in Vienna. The event was organized by Ursula Blickle Video Archiv, active since 2007 with a particular focus on Austrian video art from the 1990s and 2000s. After the screening of 16 art videos from the program DIVA Station Presents 4, a brief discussion took place with Barbara Borčić (curator, head of DIVA Station), Ana Čigon (artist) and Gerda Lampazler (artist, media theorist, co-head of Medienwerkstatt Wien) and Claudia Slanar ( curator, head of Ursula Blickle Video Archive).

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