The DIVA News page refers to public presentations, exhibitions, screenings, publications in Slovenia and on the international scene, connected to participations of DIVA Station Video Archive and the video artists who had contributed their video artworks to the archive. We also introduce events organised by DIVA Station (SCCA-Ljubljana) in order to promote its content and usage.

In frame of a program Artists’ Films – artRESOLUTION organised by Cultural Center of Belgrade, Barbara Borčić and Peter Cerovšek, collaborators of the DIVA Station video archive, presented various aspects and themes related to artists' film and video in the past and today. Video Discipline & Dreams - a new DIVA video program was screened at cinema foyer. more

In the last two months, we upgraded the DIVA Station's online archive and made it more user-friendly. Together with Borut Savski, DIVA's web programmer, we updated the content input interface, upgraded the video player, and customized the page to be displayed on mobile devices. We've made it easier to use the menu and raise the keyword references. Now the archive is airy and clear and ready for your new work.
We invite authors to visit SCCA-Ljubljana and bring us their videos or short films. You can also write to us at

Following the Revisiting Heritage conference at the National Museum in Warsaw, a comprehensive book was published with documentation of the international project of the same name. It also contains contributions from the conference, including the text by Barbara Borčić, entitled DIVA Station and Artists' Archives, in which she focused on two video practices from the archive: the work by Miha Vipotnik from the 1970s and the work by Laibach / Marijan Osole ̶ Max from the 1980s.

This year DIVA Station / SCCA-Ljubljana joined two major Ljubljana cultural events: Animateka Internacional Animated Film Festival with media installation by Ester Ivakič at the SCCA Project Room; and Night of Short Films (traditionally organised for the longest night of the year by and at the Slovenian Cinematheque) with a video program entitled Recording Reality - Subjectivization of Objective, curated by Toni Poljanec.  

For the third time, DIVA Station marks the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage – 27th of October. This year, we've been joined by Slovenian Cinematheque, City of Women and Gallery Skuc. The program Video Histories, Memories, and Coincidences was designed by Slavko Kačunko to present video practice by Marcel Odenbach, a recognized German artist as well as video theory through recently published anthologies Theorien der Videokunst. more

For the third time, the DIVA Station / SCCA-Ljubljana cooperated with the international short film festival FeKK. This time with a panel Production of Artificial Worlds (August 22, 2018) about VR and 360° movies and virtual reality, while visitors could also experience some VR film. With the exhibition Poetry Needs a Mirror in the Vodnikova domačija Gallery (30.8.-23.9. 2018) we focused on videopoetry. Curator Dušan Dovč chose works of extended poetic experience. more


We are particularly proud of some of the novelties in our archive. These are digital works that move in the inter-space between a short film and an art video. The dilemma about whether to speak about video art or short film seems unnecessary to younger generations, while for DIVA Station it is one of the main topics of the recent years. At DIVA on-line we have already published several such digital works of the younger generation, e.g. Coffee by Urška Djukić, Trails by Peter Cerovšek and Insider by Toni Poljanec.

In May and June, DIVA Station traveled a lot to different European cities. In Celje, participated at the exhibition Let’s Roll Our Sleeves Up! in Likovni salon Gallery, in Zagrebat the screening of The world is obliged to live you II., at the Multimedia Center and in Warsaw at the Revisiting Heritage conference at the National Museum.

On May 9, we celebrate the Day of Victory over Fascism, each year a more up-to-date topic. We searched through the keywords of Nazism, resistance, war, discrimination in our DIVA video archive and found a great deal of works. Our choice:Mirko Simić, Anti Nazy Mix (199); Evelin Stermitz, Koncentracijsko taborišče Ljubelj (2004); Marko A. Kovačič, No More Heroes Anymore (1992).


On World Book Day, April 23, you can also read differently - in moving images. At the SCCA and with the help of video archive, we were already preparing exhibitions that linked the book and the video/fine arts. On DIVA Station video archive you can find video works that discuss reading, books, and literature. Our choice: Ksenija Čerče, fall... (2005-2008), Amir Muratović, From the Life of Books (2010/2011), Dejan Habicht, 12 Boring Poems (2013).

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