The DIVA News page refers to public presentations, exhibitions, screenings, publications in Slovenia and on the international scene, connected to participations of DIVA Station Video Archive and the video artists who had contributed their video artworks to the archive. We also introduce events organised by DIVA Station (SCCA-Ljubljana) in order to promote its content and usage.

Every year we celebrate World AV Heritage Day (27 October) in cooperation with the Slovenian Cinematheque. This year we invited the Cine Club Split (Kino Klub Split) which celebrates its 70th anniversary to participate. Programme Metaphysics and Love includes short experimental films by Ivan Martinac, Vjekoslav Nakić, Ranko Kursar, Ante Verzotti, Dunja Ivanišević and Lordan Zafranović made between 1961 and 1968. The introduction to the screening will be presented by the curator and Cine Club Split's president Sunčica Fradelić. More

Back2Back is a series of events, where we invite local and international authors to present their own production and establish a dialogue with works of their choice from the DIVA Station archive. Film director and visual artist Ester Ivakič prepared a programme of various entertaining and mystical films, which she based on her short experimental film Sometimes I wish I were an angel sometimes. In the selected works, themes such as nature, love, paranormal, friendship, dreams, and other dimensions stand out. Talk and screening, Friday, 30 September 2022 at Project Room SCCA. More

This year’s VideoGarden programme ended in cooperation with the Tresk festival, which, under the auspices of Radio Študent, presents a reckoning of music and publishing for the thirteenth year in a row. The Tresk #13 festival team (Ružica Petrova and Marijana Kuljanac) made a wider selection of previous applications in the “best music video” category, with an emphasis on experimental approaches and ideas in the creative process. The screening and talk were held at the inner courtyard of Škuc Gallery on 2 September 2022. More

The new season of VideoGarden events is starting with a guest programme by the Ecuadorian experimental filmmaker Jean-Jacques Martinod. Together with co-director and cinematographer Bretta C. Walker, they will present a selection of short films and the background behind their creation. A selection of poetic, meditative films addresses liminal emotional and spatial personal experiences and reflections on the coexistence of human and nature. The screening and talk will be held at the inner courtyard of Škuc Gallery on Thursday, 21 July 2022, 9 pm. More

The second edition of the international festival of experimental audiovisual practices V-F-X Ljubljana, organized by SCCA-Ljubljana/DIVA Station and the Slovenian Cinematheque, presents a variety of artistic poetics, research and experimentation in the field of video and film. Katrin Mundt (EMAF, Osnabrück) prepared lecture on the ethics of curating of film and video and curated a selection of experimental and essay films under the title Riddles. Marina Kožul (25 FPS, Zagreb) has selected a programme of experimental films Space Dynamics by Croatian female authors of different generations. Artist in focus is a renowned Croatian author Vladislav Knežević. His retrospective will be screened in two parts, he will also held a masterclass. The 360-degree version of his film Aqualia (2021) will be on view at VR Point. We will screen original and restored early short films by Vinko Rozman, one of the pioneers of amateur film in Slovenia. An important part of the festival is the curated programme of secondary school and student films and videos V-F-X: Gen.Z, which will be available via the online platform Slovenian Film Database. The festival will end with the new edition of Luka Prinčič‘s research AV project. More

Renowned visual artist Duba Sambolec is a guest of the Video Evening with DIVA Station event (May 4 2022 at Photon Gallery). In conversation with Vesna Bukovec, a DIVA Station fellow, she will talk about her video works. At Video Evenings we host authors included in the archive and invite them to talk about their work. The events are created in collaboration with the Photon Gallery. More (Slovene only)

The second Music Video Workshop was held in November and December 2021. Co-organized by SCCA-Ljubljana, KRAKEN Association and Luksuz produkcija. Mentors: Matevž Jerman, Matic Zavodnik and Peter Cerovšek. Participants Lea Badovinac, Lučka Peterlin, Tilen Peterlin and Maria Sorokina recorded their videos with a mobile phone. Three videos for Niko Novak, Balans and YREX were created. They are included in the DIVA Station archive. More (In Slovene)

To the third online Back2Back – an event of artistic research of the DIVA archive – we invited the author of experimental short films and music videos Matevž Jerman. He prepared a curated program entitled Rendezvous with the Past, which he built around his music video Ljubljana is Berlin (co-author Peter Cerovšek). The selection of works addresses the present by comparing different temporalities and references from the use of archival materials, anachronistic relations between images and sound, with assumptions of the future or historical allusions. The program will be on view between 4 and 6 February 2022 on the website of the Slovenian Film Database.
Link: and DIVA Station

Screening of a new curated video programme Happy and merry … from the DIVA Station archive on Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at 7 pm at Galeriji Simulaker Gallery in Novo mesto.
The programme is the result of a collective selection of videos and films from the DIVA Station archive, which was prepared especially for the Simulaker Gallery at the end of the second year of the corona period by the SCCA-Ljubljana team Lara Plavčak, Vesna Bukovec in Peter Cerovšek. In it, we included playful and sarcastic works with a distinct creative imagination, which at times flirts with the absurd. The end of the year is a time of joyful celebration and a time when we proverbially look to the past and imagine the future. We live in a time when reasons for optimism and joy need to be re-invented over and over again, which could be the task of this selection of moving images as well.
Artists: Ana Čigon, Nataša Berk, Mladen Stropnik, Nataša Skušek, Zvonko Čoh & Milan Erič, Ana Nuša Dragan, Keiko Miyazaki, Sašo Vrabič, Sašo Sedlaček, Tomaž Furlan More

Every year we celebrate World AV Heritage Day (27 October) in cooperation with the Slovenian Cinematheque. This year we invited the Cineclub Zagreb (Kinoklub Zagreb, KKZ) to participate, where they recently, in cooperation with the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna (Österreichisches Filmmuseum), performed a digital restoration of the works of the master of amateur film, Tatjana Ivančić. The Slovenian Cinematheque will present fourteen digitally restored short films made between 1969 and 1979. The introduction to the screening and process of digital film restoration will be presented by Nadja Šičarov from the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna. More

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